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Treasure Island
Mother and Child Center
Socio-psychological rehabilitation orphanage centre
Help to orphans and children deprived of parental care is central in the work of the "Father's House". All programs and projects intended to undertake a comprehensive rehabilitation of children: develop his/her natural talents and abilities; to prepare for adoption or reunion with rehabilitated biological family; to educate and to prepare for independent life. Read
Preventing Orphanhood
The full family - the best environment for raising children. So the "Father's House" strives to maintain every family. For this purpose centres were established to work with parents and children, helping them to understand each other, learn mutual respect and mutual support. In addition, we support and encourage families who are raising children with special needs. Read
Youth Support "Step to Independence"
"Father's House" provides support to young people from children's homes, young people-orphans, and those who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Created programs for youth is a logical continuation of work with children. Our goal is to develop independence and responsibility of these young people, teach them to overcome life's difficulties, give them faith in their strength. Read
About us
“Otchiy Dim” (Father's House) is charity organization founded by Roman Korniiko in 1996, which became response to the problem of children’s homelessness in Ukraine. Today “Otchiy Dim” is integral system of innovative consecutive programs of complex rehabilitation and upbringing children who lived in dangerous conditions. Following adaptation to living in family aims to bring them back to their biological families or, if it isn’t possible, to prepare them for adoption or going into the independent life and integration in the society. Read
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Table needs of Father's House, which you can join, cover one of them, or transferring some funds to us to cover it yourself.

That's what we need:

Last updated 29/11/2016


Needs Quantity  
Big comfortable bus to transport children for long distances  1 pcs.
Refrigerator (with big freezer) 2 pcs.
Washing machine 2 pcs.
TV 1 pcs.
Kettle 2 pcs.
Table lamps 7 pcs.
Vacuum cleaners 2 pcs.
Iron 2 pcs.
Microwave 2 pcs.
Professional chopper 1 pcs.
Color printer 1 pcs.
Double-deck bed (bunk bed) 28 pcs.
Double beds (for parents) 4 pcs.
Desks and chairs 3 pcs.
Children's beds (cradles) 2 pcs.
Commode 7 pcs.
Childish Arena 1 pcs.
Large round table 1 pcs.
Table for the dining room 1 pcs.
Bookshelves 5 pcs.
School table with regulated height 3 pcs.
Magnetic board 1 pcs.
Utensils (cups, plates, pots, pans, spoons, forks, rozdilochni boards)    
Mats on the floor in the room 7 pcs.
Mats in toilet 4 pcs.
Bed linen cot 6 pcs.
Ironing board 2 pcs.
Chandeliers in the room 7 pcs.
Laundry basket 7 pcs.
Blinds or curtains 7 pcs.
Bedspread  10 pcs.
Chair for feeding 2 pcs.
Plastic chairs for children 10 pcs.
Feminine Hygiene always need
Baby diapers of 2kg at 13 kg always need
Developing games for children always need
Christmas tree with toys 1 pcs.
Children's umbrella 10 pcs.
Children's bicycles 4 pcs.
Lego for kids from 2 years    
ABC Music    
Puppet carriages for the game room    
Doll and babydolls for the game room    
Dictionary Ukrainian    
Woodburning pen    
Knitting needles (several sets)    
Kits for embroidery with beads, beads    
White acrylic paint, acrylic paint    
Linens (Sets) 80 pcs.
Mattress covers 50 pcs.
Special Baby Food  always need
Potato always need
Fruits always need
Shoes & Clothing    
Children winter shoes:    
Julia [size 26]    1 pcs.
Ismail [size 33]  1 pcs.
Sasha [size 33]    1 pcs.
Sophiya [size 25]  1 pcs.
Sergiy [size 24] 1 pcs.
Diana [size 41] 1 pcs.
Valera [size 41] 1 pcs.
Winter clothing:    
Warm jeans for 4-5 years old kids    
Socks  S-size and M-size    
Fencing equipment for children's sports circle    
Musical Instruments    
 Nail scissors  pcs.



Work of “Otchiy Dim” is possible because of donors and partners support in various ways. We build partnership relations with everyone who wants to participate in actions of kindness and charity. Every person can support “Otchiy Dim” by remitting money, covering requirements, working as a volunteer, giving informational support or taking part in “Otchiy Dim” projects within the limits of corporate social responsibility programs.


For  US Dollars :

BENEFICIARY:    NGO “Association of Social Projects “Otchiy Dim”

BENEFICIARY ACCOUNT:     26002053157874

BANK OF BENEFICIARY:  Privatbank, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


 INTERMEDIARY BANK: JP Morgan Chase Bank,New York ,USA



Payment assignment: "DONATION"


 For  Euro:

BENEFICIARY:  NGO “Association of Social Projects “Otchiy Dim”

BENEFICIARY ACCOUNT:         26002053155081

BANK OF BENEFICIARY: Privatbank, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


INTERMEDIARY BANK: Commerzbank AG ,Frankfurt am Main, Germany




Payment assignment: "DONATION"





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