About us
About us
“Otchiy Dim” (Father's House) is charity organization founded by Roman Korniiko in 1996, which became response to the problem of children’s homelessness in Ukraine. Today “Otchiy Dim” is integral system of innovative consecutive programs of complex rehabilitation and upbringing children who lived in dangerous conditions. Following adaptation to living in family aims to bring them back to their biological families or, if it isn’t possible, to prepare them for adoption or going into the independent life and integration in the society.
Our team
"Otchiy Dim" ("Father's House") - a place where work at the call of the heart.
Our Success
1. Changed Children’s Fates
Children’s lives are in the center of our attention. We are very glad when we succeed to bring love and care for a child, to help him or her.

2. Created Programs / Organizations
Although we started as ordinary children’s home, later “Otchiy Dim” turned into integral system of separated departments, programs and projects.

3. Awards
After being successful at fighting children’s homelessness, the ICF “Otchiy Dim” gave the lead for many Ukrainian and foreign social organizations

4. Projects Geography
As far as we want to solve problems of the destitute not only on the local but also on the national level, we broaden our network.
Living stories
These are the parts of everyday life in Otchiy Dim (“Father’s House”)/ These are incredible stories of the children, who found love and care of their teachers with our help. The stories about the first years of work in our organization that look so much like legends.
How the story began
1996 –start of working with homeless children on the street, opening day establishments near the railway station, Hydropark and Druzhby Narodiv Park, organization of charity dining rooms.

1997 – work with children in Roman Korniiko’s apartment. Renting apartments in Borshchahivka and Troieshchyna for further activities. Broadening of our work required more space so later we rented kindergarten near Livoberezhna metro station.

International Charity Foundation "Otchiy Dim" (Father's House)

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Centralna str., 118, v.Svyztopetrivske, Kyivo-Svyatoshinskiy reg.,
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