Our projects
The Social Care Centre
The Social Care Centre implements a complex of rehabilitation program that helps orphans and children who are deprived of parental care. The program is created and inculcated by the ICF “Father’s House”. Generally we get children from disadvantaged families. Almost 30 boys and girls aged 3-18 can reside here at the same time during 1 year. Children can come back to the rehabilitated biological family or be adopted from the Centre. But frequently they pass to the Family Upbringing Centre “My Family”.
The Mother and Baby Centre
The Mother and Baby Centre is going to help pregnant women and mothers with newborns or little children who are in difficult life situation. The work of the Centre will help to decrease the number of abortions, child abandonments and, as a result, to reduce quantity of orphans in Ukraine. The help will be given to the most unprotected women: to the pupils of the boarding schools, young women from the disadvantaged, underprivileged families or families with many children, because they often abdicate a child for the reason of their hopelessness. The goal of the centre is to keep child for the mother and the mother for her child. Also we conduct educational activities to fight the abortions. The centre is in Vatutine of Cherkasy region. It is designed for simultaneous living of 6 women and 6-8 children. They will have the possibility to live in the cozy rooms during 2-3 years. Employees will work with every woman to help her restore her mental state, to form skills of responsible motherhood, to motivate her to get education and to renew relations with family and friends. Also they will give juridical consultations.
New family

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